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Similarities Between Southern MechaMetallic Arts and Fabrials


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In light of a recent signing and questions answered by Brandon there, we know that invested gemstones and hemalurgic spikes are basically the same. Similarities that I see:

1. Both hold a charge of Investiture that is A. specific in type and B. not tied to any one Identity.

2. Both do not require a specific Investor - anybody can leave a gem to be Infused and anybody can spike someone.

3. Both require a cognitively active agent to release their active Investiture

4. Both lose their Investiture over time

These similarities imply that other things are similar about them as well:

1. Using a cognitive entity (spren) and a given something to focus that power on, gemstones can be turned into fabrials. This suggests that spikes, too, given a cognitive entity (the spirit of an ancestor/enemy? An animal bred to the purpose or spiked to enhance the required attribute?) can be used to run machine - perhaps even a person can direct a machine this way.

2. Fabrials can be charged from ambient Investiture. On Roshar, the high storms charge gems automatically - on Scadrial, there does not seem to be a way to do this without a Shard personally applying power.

Given the absence of spren on Scadrial, the devices probably use a person as their cognitive focus. Potentially, they might be charged by the mists directly, or through animals, though that seems a little cruel; perfect for the villians if that's what they're shaping up to be.

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That was veryyyyyyy important to the FTL ship theory. =)


What we need now is a way to use the invested metal without a person as medium, like fabrials.


If this is possible we could have automatic coinshots guns (eletromagnetic fireamrs), healing devices, emotion control device and the so much desired FTL drive =)


Given what we know about fabrial(sprens, slivers, etc) anyone care to try created a hyphotecial way to use invested metals ? =)

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One possibility is using a Coppermind to provide the cognitive aspect instead of a person. The likelihood of this depends on what the cognitive aspect actually does. If it needs to be a thinking entity, then this obviously won't work. If on the other hand the presence of a cognitive aspect is all that is needed, then this stands a good chance of working.

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