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Hrm... well, as a note, obviously you should burn duralumin first, then turn on aluminum; if you burn aluminum first, the duralumin is gone.


Boring though it sounds, I suspect absolutely nothing would happen out of the ordinary. I suppose it depends on one thing, which I don't know if we have a way to prove. Is there any build-up, whatsoever, from "burn" to "burst"?


If it's a process with any buildup at all (think of a car, it can go from 0 to 60 within a short period of time, but there's still a fraction of a second where it's only going 5mph), then nothing happens. At that first part, that tiny fraction of a moment when you're barely burning aluminum, all of your aluminum, duralumin and every other metal would simply go away, and the entire burst would be aborted.


But let's ignore that, because it's boring. Let's pretend it's like a book instead. Your aluminum is a closed book, at "page 0" let's say. With duralumin, you don't have to open to page 1 and so on until you get to page 20, you're allowed to just find your bookmark and flip it open instantly to page 150. Let's pretend that "opening to the page" isn't a process that takes any time, that you're simply there.


Obviously, it'd still be just a single flash; you'd have only the tiniest fraction of an instant before the book itself was just gone. What would happen? Who knows? Per what little we know of aluminum that's "written in steel" (my attempt at coming up with a new word for WoB), it can clear the body of unwanted effects of Investiture and possible cleanse the body of other impurities.


So, your metals leave for sure. Perhaps if someone is Rioting you, for just a moment the Riot fails? Might it temporarily affect your own personal Innate Investiture? Maybe burn out any hemalurgic spikes? Remove Basic Lashings you might be affected by? Perhaps if you're sick, it can get rid of the disease? Sober you if you're drunk or high? Would it consider all the bacteria that line your digestive tract to be "impurities"?


Regardless, I think there's a case to be made that the effects would be imperfect, incomplete. If it attacks bacteria, it might not get to them all in the barest instant it has before the flare defeats itself. It might remove most of a drug, just not all of it.


Any other speculations? Or better, anyone with some actual real evidence that isn't just a guess?

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