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wait wait wait - who is Darkness ?


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I was bored at work and started going through chapters of WoR on Brandon's site

I was looking for specifics to be able to comment on a post

when i came across this in the Prologue : 


“I don’t like this. What we’ve done was wrong. That creature carries my lord’s own Blade. We shouldn’t have let him keep it. He—”


I believe I have been seeing things incorrectly...


don't we think Darkness is Nalan ?

and at that point don't we also believe that Darkness is walking right next to the speaker of that line ?

who is being refereed to as "my lord" ?


Does Darkness work for Nalan ?

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The general understanding is that the speaker (assumed to be Kalak by many) is referring to Jezrien (whom we know to have been a king, or lord) while speaking with Nalan, a.k.a. Darkness. The "creature" is Szeth, who carries Jezrien's Honorblade.

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Yes, he's Darkness/Nalan, the fallen (HUGE emphasis on FALLEN) Herald of "Justice".  The other speaker is likely another fallen Herald, possibly Kalak (the guy from the prologue).


Shallash had also been in the area.  She had scratched the face off of her statue.

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lol yes I realize my mistake - Jezrien's blade - where's the delete button ? lol (yeah I know there isn't one)


Confusion over these books is fine! I had to read through both of them thrice for them to fully seep in, they're long and have a complex plot line. (Part of what makes them epic) :D
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