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The Nature of Investiture


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Before I begin, I have a confession. When I get bored, I often wax philosophical and poetic. This is the result of both.

It has been noted that Nightblood, if held for too long, will drain the Investiture that is your spark of life. That got me thinking about what Investiture is.

Investiture is the ability to change things, to influence them so that they happen differently than they otherwise would. All the magic systems rely on the single characteristic that they change something, make something happen. Everybody has this ability, it allows you to walk, to breath, to live. When somebody gets Investiture from a Shard's magic system, they get part of that Shard's ability to do things, and what they can do is often influenced by the Shard.

When Drabs give up their Breath, the world they perceive is muted. Though Vivenna was sick for part of when she was a Drab, they seem to be less motivated, less able to understand and influence the world around them.

Investiture is not simply how magic systems run, it is how Kelsier raised a rebellion with his death, how Kaladin and Raoden were able to bring meaning to the lives of those who had given up hope.

Investiture is not some mystical and arcane power, available to only a select few. Investiture is the power inside all of us to influence the world around us, to change the world in some small way, whether for good or ill.

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Well all in the Cosmere is made by Investiture. All the rock, tree, animals,ecc....


If you had to use something similar to Brandon's Words. The Investiture (in the Cosmere) are a third state of thing with "matter" and "energy" and follows his own Termodinamc Law.

You will probably know that Matter is actually (in the real world) packed Energy.

Probably the Investiture (in Cosmere) is what the Energy (and as consequence the Matter) is made in the Cosmere.


Every living things is a lot more invested than a rock. And a Sentience Bein is a lot more invested than an Animal. You may find this reading Mistborn and the relationship of Ruin and Preservation in the beginning of Scadrial

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