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Appearances of 16 in books


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I am starting this topic to see how often Brandon secretly puts the number 16 into his books. An example is in Way of Kings

Dalinar had 2,653 men left after the Parshendi attack

 and 2+6+5+3=16. Another example is in Alloy of Law, Wax found some numbers that added to 16 (can't remember what they were and don't have a copy to look it up).


So if anyone else finds some hidden like these post them here.

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It's also the number of Shards of Adonalsium. (This is the probably reason the number is so important in the Cosmere.)


There are other important numbers as well. 


For example, ten (the number of primary Shardworlds) crops up a lot, even outside of the Stormlight Archive. 


Completely misread your post, sorry. 


1024 (the number of years it takes the Well to refill) is 16^2*4 (4 being the square root of 16)

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Let's go! 10s in the Stormlight Archive:

  • The Rosharan year is composed of ten months, which is again divided into 10 weeks, each one 5 (10/2) days long.
  • There are 10 Heralds and 10 Orders of the Knights Radiant
  • 10 Deaths and 10 Fools
  • 10 Alethi Princedoms
  • 50 (5*10) ways to leave your lover
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I'll play:

  • 10 Silver Age Kingdoms
  • 10 Surges
  • 10 heartbeats to summon a Shardblade
  • 10 Essences
  • 10 Soulcasting-related gemstones
  • 10 Soulcasting properties
  • 10 Levels of Voidbinding



As for sixteens:

  • Kaladin was going to go to Karbranth to study to  be a surgeon at 16 (isn't that the earliest students can be accepted?)
  • Adolin inherited his Shardblade (or Plate) at 16, I believe (from his mother's side, which I hope we find more about in Dalinar's book)
  • Dalinar took 1600 troops with him when confronting Sadeas after the Tower (I had to "research" this one, as that's one of my favorite Chapters of WoK to read over and over and over...)

Edit again: Oh, well, this wasn't all that secret as the number is spelled out.  How about a subtle slipping in of the number 16 instead?  :D

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