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I may or may not have had a Kickstarter addiction last year... 


The first Kickstarter I backed was called 'The Mandate' - a video game. That's still in development. But other than that, the rest have been boardgame related. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your POV), shipping to Australia is usually expensive, so that usually has restricted me to smaller games at good price points.Two standouts that I've backed were Asking for Trobils and Viceroy, both of which had a low price and cheap (or even free!) shipping, while still being what I'd consider full sized board games. There have been many others - I've got a number of games from the publisher 'Indie Cards and Board Games', including The Resistance and Flash Point: Fire Rescue (and expansions). 


I actually recieved a boardgame from a Kickstarter project this morning. The game is called 'Burgle Bros' and I consider to basically be 'Oceans Eleven: The Board Game'. It's a cooperative heist game, and players get to choose from 9 different roles/characters, each with their own ability to bring to the team. Haven't had the time to play it yet, but I look forward to doing so! 

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Yeah, there are three other games I was thinking about backing too, but I really only had the funds for one and chose Scythe. A lot of the projects have giving levels that are really expensive, and I think, "Oooo, I really what that too!" I can see how it'd get addicting. I'm trying to think about it as an investment too, and I can say I helped "develop" that game.

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