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Sel's Shards


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It seems that which Shards called Sel home prior to Shattering is a matter of confusion. I believe the Shards are Devotion and Dominion.

The Elantrians all seem to be devoted to something: Galladon to agriculture, Aiden to numbers, Raoden to AonDor and his people, Taan with his sculpting, etc. Along with that, using AonDor requires intense devotion to learning how to properly draw the Aons and memorizing all the lines that change how that Aon works.

The practitioners of Dakhor required the complete domination over others to grant powers such as transportation, a twisted version of body armor, and neutralizing AonDor. As to any argument about how they are opposites, devotion is loyalty to one's followers, dominion is loyalty to one's superiors.

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There isn't any confusion about:


It's confirmed that Devotion and Dominion are the Shard on Sel. Anyway they are still on Sel also if there where Splintered (not Shattered).

Instead if you was talking about prior "The Shattering" (but i suppose you just used the wrong word) there isn't any Shard on Sel or anywhere else. Because the Shards didn't exist.

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