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Reminder on spoiler policies


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Hi guys,

With the release of Shadows of Self and the Elantris Anniversary edition, I wanted to remind you about spoiler policies.

1. No spoilers in topic titles! I mean it. Not only will we be removing said spoilers, we will be extremely upset if you do this in Cosmere Theories, Shadows of Self spoiler board, or Elantris. Keep topic titles vague!

2. If you're making spoiler topics in Cosmere Theories or the Elantris board, make sure the topic title explicitly has "Spoilers" in it. I like using [spoilers] for that. (This isn't necessary for Shadows of Self, as you can assume there are spoilers there.)

3. If the topic is clearly marked with spoilers, spoilers are allowed inside topics in the Shadows of Self board, Elantris, and Cosmere Theories without the spoiler tags, that is, without

However, if you are adding information to an older thread that does not have [spoilers] in the topic title, make sure you use these spoiler tags! For Cosmere Theories, keep Shadows spoilers marked through the release of Bands. (Usually Cosmere Theories has a much shorter turn-around, but be nice, because some will just wait to read Shadows until Bands comes out.)

4. If you are posting in General Brandon Discussion, always use the spoiler tags in the post themselves. That forum is basically a spoiler free zone.

(Cross posted in many forums so this is seen.)

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