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Been around a while; recently subsumed by the Cosmere


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I joined way back when, after encountering Sharders (is that the correct term?) at a signing, but didn't do much here. Then, I was only just barely Cosmere aware. (The Ars Arcanum of The Alloy of Law tipped me off. Form-based investiture of Sel? WHAT?! It was an adrenaline rush unlike any previous book-related experience. =-P To have a Sanderson ending followed by such revelation! But what did it mean? What could it possibly mean?)

I did not grasp the implications.

But recently I completed re-reads of Elantris, Warbreaker, The Way of Kings, and Words of Radiance. It's amazing what Cosmere-related clues you find when you're looking for them! And reading through the Brandon Q&A threads has been all kinds of mind-blowing. I love how fruitful theorizing can be in the Cosmere -- Brandon's systems are so consistent that it's possible to correctly discover yet unknown parts of them.

I just started a re-read of Mistborn, in anticipation of Shadows of Self (I'll be at the midnight release, of course), and I'm looking forward to spotting Hoid and who knows what else.

For my part, I hope Brandon does write the 1940's-era Mistborn trilogy. And I'll be happy for any other such surprise trilogies! (Provided, of course, he does eventually complete the Cosmere-spanning long-arc, and continues to be as incomprehensibly prolific as he presently is.)

In other words, I'll read whatever Brandon writes, at this point, and I hope he never stops writing. I've never yet been disappointed, and I've consistently had my expectations so far exceeded that I don't know what to expect anymore, except excellence. I'm also a fan of Writing Excuses, and the authors Brandon works with there -- Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, and Mary Robinette Kowal.

So, hi! I'm officially joining the ranks of actively theorizing 17th Sharders. Though I've a ways to go before I am likely to say anything new, I'll probably show up here and there as an appreciative audience to others' theorizing.

Post Script: Nethseäar is intended to be pronounced, 'Neth-say-are.' It's a diaeresis.

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Pick up on so many things each time you read!  There is just so much happening.  The WoB/interviews have been very helpful. I am looking forward to new books so that perhaps I might have some new input to share as well. :)


Indeed! I'm exceedingly excited for Shadows of Self, though it looks like I won't even finish The Final Empire before the release tonight.


Welcome to the 17th Shard, Nethseäar! I look forward to reading your theories. :)

Thanks for the welcome! Hopefully I'll get caught up to the point that I don't repeat others' theories too often.


Hello! I welcome you into our ranks with open arms. Also, do you know about the cookies around here?

Thanks! I know nothing of forum cookies; what should I know?

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They have a nasty tendency to be hemalurgically spiked. However, bookies are quite tasty. They're the shape of books and taste like characters. They're also the specialty of the Knights Awkward, the guild that I belong to. Would you like a Lift bookie? It tastes like pure awesomeness.

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