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Schism in Karalel (Mistborn RP)


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What Is This?

This is a custom variety of RPG that I learned on the Crowfall forums, and have modified to fit the Mistborn setting. Rather than rolling dice, success are based on drawing cards, with the different faces meaning different results. I will be your GM.


How Do We Play?

Players make posts on the topic and then wait for a response from me or another player. Once you have attempted an action, you must wait for me to respond, but you are free to have your characters interact with each other for as long as you want without me intervening (unless you're holding up gameplay).


Making Actions (Drawing): 

If you want your character to perform an action, you must pick a colour of card and a number (or paint) that could appear on a card. I will draw a card from my deck that will determine the outcome based on what you chose. Actions include things like sneaking past an Obligitor, Soothing a politician, performing an Ironpull, etc. If you are unsure whether something requires a draw, choose a card anyway, and I simply won't draw if you don't need one.



If the card I draw is the same colour as the one you chose, your action is successful. If the card is an ace of that colour, it is very successful. If the number is within 1 of the number you chose, your action is critically successful.



If the card that I draw is not the same colour as the one you chose, your action fails. If the card is an ace of that colour, you fail badly. If the number is within 1 of the number you chose, you fail critically.


The Joker:

In this deck, there is one Joker. No matter what it is that you're doing, if it is drawn, you die (and trust me, I'm creative enough to follow through on that threat). If another player is close enough, they can perform a draw to save you. That draw works the same as any other action.


How Do I Make a Character?

Your character can be either a Skaa, or noble, based upon your faction (which you will learn about momentarily). You can be one of the 8 types of Mistings listed in the original Mistborn book, or if you really want, you can be a normal person. You cannot be a Mistborn.


The Factions

Karalel is affected by 3 factions that you must choose between. All of the factions have advantages and disadvantages that you will discover as the game progresses.


-The Skaa Rebellion

Lead by Bilg, The Rebellion seeks to establish a government, similar to Elend's, in Karalel. Players that join the Rebellion must play as a Skaa.


-The Restoration Party

Lead by Salmen Tekiel, The Restoration Party seeks to establish a government in Karalel that mirrors the one previously in Luthadel, with Salmen in the position of the Lord Ruler. Members of The Restoration Party must be Nobles.


-The Karalel Establishment

Lead by Roshin Theriss, The Establishment is currently in control of the city, and has created a government system where Roshin has absolute power, though daily administration is handled by a council. In The Establishment, Skaa are free men, though still generally impoverished. They can even hold positions in government. Establishment players can be either Skaa or Noble.


How Do We Know What's Going On?

I will not be playing a character. I control the general narrative, terrain, and NPCs. My posts will be about these things, as well as reactions to your actions (or failures). You can talk to NPCs for information, or say something in your post to ask for info from me (like, "Vin looked around). To some degree, I will allow you to invent your surroundings, but remember, I DO have a vague narrative planned out, so don't go putting an Ashmount in my city.



Yes there is combat. Occasionally, you may run into aggressive animals, bloodthirsty NPCs, or maybe even a Koloss if you've been really bad. Often times, these encounters can only be solved through battle. In combat, you draw 2 cards, opposed to the normal 1. One will be your attack, and one will be to defend. The order depends on who holds the advantage in the battle.



I will not stop you from player killing; you're in opposing factions after all. Remember though, the game isn't fun if you're alone. Also, news has a habit of travelling quickly in a city like Karalel, particularly when it involves murder. If you kill another player, you may find that your reputation precedes you in future encounters. To PVP someone, you draw two cards as well, but in this case, one is to hit and the other is to wound. If you fail to hit, nothing happens. If you hit, but fail to wound, I will describe how you hewed valiantly at your opponent, but he was protected by his pewter strengthened body.



All players start with 5 health, but you can buff this by wearing armour, flaring pewter (which can only be done for about the length of a skirmish), or some similar plot point. Every time you are wounded, you lose 1 health. Wounds can be sustained through combat, but also through environmental scenarios. If you fail critically, you almost always take damage.



For the purposes of the game, we will assume that you always have enough metal to use your abilities. This makes it a lot easier for me.


Starting Items

Nobles start with 100 gold boxings. Skaa start with 20. You may have family heirlooms, or other character items if you wish. Each faction has a salary for its members, but they differ. The Rebellion gives its members food and equipment, The Establishment gives its members 5 gold boxings a day, and The Restoration Party gives its members 10.


The Story!

Okay, you know how to play, so let's tell you what the hell is going on.


It is now several months after the Lord Ruler's death, and the Empire is splintered. Karalel is a city on the coast of the Southern Dominance, embroiled in political turmoil. With the death of their god, the populace was thrown into chaos for weeks. Eventually a government was established by some of the city nobles. It wasn't all that different from the original, but change is difficult in large amounts. One major change made by this government was the full citizenship rights of the Skaa. They no longer belong to their masters, and are free to do as they please. 


However, they still do not live an easy life. Just because they can now quit their jobs doesn't mean they are treated well. Nobles still whip their Skaa workers, and the Skaa still starve. The right to leave an employer doesn't mean much when the only other employment options are much the same. The death of the Lord Ruler has heartened the Skaa, and some believe that still more change is in order. There are rumours of Skaa being incited to disobedience by a Skaa from the Luthadel rebellion. 


As if this wasn't enough to worry the city's inhabitance already, a force has appeared in Henaly, a suburb outside Karalel. The force is lead by a noble that fled Luthadel before the Lord Ruler's fall, and now wishes to establish himself as the ruler of this new southern city. His rule would guarantee the city's nobles a place of stable prominence once again, as well as the Skaa's return to true slavery. The city fears the chance of an all out siege from the soldiers outside it.




If you're interested in joining, post your character's starting profile below! The game starts 2 days after we acquire a sufficient number of players.

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MAG stands for Mistborn Adventure Game, the official RPG from Crafty Games. It's an excellent, story-based, unobtrusive system. It costs about $40 for the hardcover or about $15 for the pdf, if I remember right.

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Ah cool. I'd say I didn't get it because I didn't know it existed. I'll have to look into it. I already know how to RP this way though, and it doesn't cost me anything, so for right now, this is what I'll stick with, even if I can't get a game going on here.

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