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If I understand things correctly, such as that (we assume) Hoid travels through Shadesmar/the spiritual realm (they are the same, right?) to Hop around, and that (we assume) Shardblades, when not Physical, are Spiritual (in Shadesmar)…

Does Hoid have the capability of accessing any Spiritual Shardblade in existence, whenever he enters Shadesmar? And Shallan as well, if she had the practice?

If so, this brings up the question what would happen if Hoid is holding one as he leaves Shadesmar? Would it come with him? Would then the original(er-ish) owner just lose it, or be able to summon it away from Hoid?

A question-theory. Because I am a noob and dont study the books.

And I didnt see an idea like this.

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Shadesmar is the cognitive realm not the spiritual.


That said, if rocks, cups and people have cognitive aspects its probable Shardblades do too, though whether that is visible when they are stored is another matter. Shardblades bond on touch, it would be interesting if they could be bonded from contact with their cognitive form, but I'd guess it would still need to be an unowned Shardblade to work.


I'm not sure if there is much information about how people can affect objects from within Shadesmar, other than Soulcasting. I'm willing to say that objects can't be picked up (i.e. teleported to hand) by contact with their cognitive forms at least not without some sort of intervening magic system. The descriptions we have of Shadesmar describe it as an ocean of spheres 'moving in an undulating swell', Shallan on her first trip flailed her arms while holding the goblets sphere but the sphere didn't move from her bedside table, and Jasnah made a raft from a group of spheres without any noticeable changes in the surrounding room. From these examples I'm willing to say that movement of the spheres doesn't affect their physical counterparts, at least not noticeably in the small scale events we've seen. Still not very much to go on yet, and since Shadesmar is used for Worldhopping there is definitely some physical translation when you work on a larger scale.

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