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The Smedry Way - Alcatraz RP


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So, first, some rules:



1. We'll be playing in Free-Play style, which means that there are hardly any rules :P
2. You cannot take control of other players characters. If you want to write an interaction scene - use private messages to do it together.
3. When there is a fight and those taking part in it can't come to an agreement on who should win, we will discuss and try to agree on something together.
4. Don't kill other player's characters without their permission. Although, since it's Alcatraz world I think there won't be that much killing.
5. If you want to join, introduce yourself and your character in the discussion topic.
6. Anyone can play on any side they want. Multiple characters per player are allowed, as long as you can handle them.
7. There is a limit on the amount of Smedries in the game. Before you create a new Smedry, let's talk about it in the discussion topic.
8. There are no "winning conditions" we keep on playing until we decide that we're done :)
9. If you want to introduce a new type of Silimatic technology feel free to do so. Unless it will have an immediate effect on other player's character. In that case, consult with other players in the discussion thread.


The discussion thread, where we'll be planning and talking about what's going on is here: THE DISCUSSION THREAD


Now, a little bit of the setting:



1. We play in Alcatraz world, but a year or two before Alcatraz turns 13. That way we know more or less what the global situation is and we're not affected by the events of the books.
2. The main action will take place in an European city, although for now, without specifying which city that is. That will leave us with place for creativity, but if we decide we should pick a concrete place, then we'll do so.
3. There are four fractions: Free Kingdomers, The Librarians (although, as there are 4 rivaling orders they might not work together too well), BookTech Corp. and normal people.
4. The basic story: BookTech dig up an anciet Silimatic artifact, that caused the people that were near it to disappear. This artifact is always visible using Oculator Lenses, no matter how far you are. If you are far away it looks like a bright star, shining through walls, earth or whatever is on the way. Free Kindgomers and Librarians want to capture the artifact to study it and so on. BookTech wants it to study it and make money out of it. Normal people will get entangled in this eventually in different ways.





Tenteron Smedry missed his flight. Again. He was stuck on Warsaw airport, after a series of unfortunate events, including jumping on crocodiles, taking part in some cosplay contest and running away from Librarians. What a day. For the last couple of hours he was trying to get on board of one of those crazy, primitive flying machines, that Hushlanders use to travel. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, when your Talent is to miss things.The fact, that he was on enemy territory didn’t help either.


He stood on the hallway, watching as the plane he was supposed to be on was taking off. Wearing a simple jacket and jeans, he didn’t stood out from the crowd at all. That was only because he had lost his tuxedo and top hat a few days ago in an emergency situation on one of the hushlanders swimming pools. He had to steal some clothes from somebody’s else locker. He focused on his reflection in the window. Thirty years old, with dark hair, blue eyes, covered by red tinted glasses. Cleanly shaven. From what he knew, he was considered handsome by Free Kingdom and Hushland standards. Too bad he seemed to miss all the nice ladies for all those years.


Suddenly, a flash of light exploded somewhere outside the window. It was so bright, he couldn’t even tell the direction from where this light was coming. Tenteron involuntarily fell to the ground. When wearing Oculator’s Lenses, a sudden flash of light usually meant you were in big trouble, attacked by another Oculator. However windows next to him didn’t shatter, ground didn’t tremble nor did the air turn ice cold. Only a potted plant next to him fell over, but that was rather his fault than an enemy’s attack. So what was this light? It disappeared as his glasses fell of his face, so it wasn’t any normal light.


Tenteron tood up and stabbed himself in the eye with a temple of his Oculator’s Glasses, missing his face, when he tried to put the glasses back on. Just as he was wincing in pain, a security officer came from around the corner.


“Proszę pana, będzie musiał pan udać się ze mną…” The guard didn’t have a chance to finish his sentence, as Smedry started to run away from him. They were in the duty free zone, past the security checks of the airport. Tenteron rushed to the exit. By now, all the security guards were on alert and moving in his direction. Unless he’ll do something brilliant…


He took out his Slider’s Lenses, tinted pink with transparent dots. Attica Smedry created them many years ago, however he didn’t like them and didn’t share information about the sands used to smelt them with anyone, there were only four pairs in the entire world. Tenteron put them on and looked on the ground before him. The floor began to glimmer as if it was wet or made of ice. Everyone around him started to lose their balance as the ground became extremely slippery. Tenteron slid on his knees between two guards trying to grab him and kicked one of them in his behind to gaining momentum needed to move forward the exit.


He was right on his way to the door outside, when a dark figure in a suit, wearing a pair of glasses appeared in front of him. Tenteron didn’t have any time to react as a line of fire cut through the air right next to him, scorching the floor and setting a little kiosk on fire. He focused on his Talent, making sure to miss the next attack of the enemy Oculator, while he slid in his direction. He crashed into Librarian’s legs just his opponent activated the Firebringer’s Lenses for the second time. A short burst of flame launched into the hallway as the glasses fell of the Librarian’s face when he fell down. The flames hit one of the big TVs displaying departure schedule which fell down to the floor.


Tenteron stood up, took off his glasses and looked at the mayhem he left behind. The floor was still slippery as a perfect rink, everyone was on the ground trying to stand up, it would be a hilarious view if not for the damage done by the fire. Fortunately it seemed that nobody got seriously hurt. Tenteron took the Firebringer’s Lenses from the ground. The enemy Oculator laid there unconscious. People from the parking lot begun to gather near the exit as Tenteron pushed through them to get away from the airport.


He put his Oculator’s Lenses back on and looked behind him in the general direction from which that explosion of light came from. He could see little bright point, as if there was a star far away, shining through all the buildings. It was visible, even as he waved his hand before his eyes.


Dark Oculators can surely see it too. Other Librarian orders will know about this anomaly soon as well. Investigating it would be most dangerous and risky. Tenteron thought, as he walked away from the chaos he caused at the airport. I should probably get back to Free Kingdoms and return with some backup before approaching… But what would Grandpa Smedry do? He would get to the anomaly as fast as possible, without any regard for the dangers… Because that’s the Smedry way!


Tenteron entered one of the shops for tourists that were frequent in the vicinity of the airport. With a compass and a good map he would be able to pinpoint the location of the anomaly, if it was anywhere in Europe. Then he’ll just have to find a way to get there...

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Fillian Smedry was reading a book. That was a favorite pastime of his, reading. Well, presentime too. And probably futuretime.

Thankfully, this was a good book. Not boring at all. He turned a page.


Then he dropped the book.


Cursing, Fillian dove under the table, his Oculator's lenses falling off. When he dropped something, it meant there was danger. Well, normally. Sometimes he just dropped things. It was a blessing and a curse, but that's just how most talents are.

Fillian glanced about, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Ah, well. He got back into his chair, picking up his book and his lenses.

His back ached. I'm getting old. He thought. I need to stop jumping whenever my Talent engages.​


Fillian opened the book again. He slipped on his lenses. And a brilliant flare of light blinded him.

Crying out Fillian took off his glasses hurriedly. He couldn't see the light anymore, but yet...he could sense something,​ pulsing in the west.

​He put on his lenses again. The blinding light returned. He blinked, then stood up. He headed out the door.


If something was going to interrupt his studies, he was going to investigate.

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The speedometer displayed 250km/h as Julia Verana slipped between two cars on her motorcycle. There was nothing she enjoyed more than the feeling of freedom she got from going that fast, feeling the air resisting her and her machine. The thrill of going so fast, that even the smallest mistake would mean certain death even for her - a Dark Oculator. Other members of her order found joy in torturing or controlling others, but she never understood it. What’s the point of being in control if you’re not free yourself?


She was closing in on her destination, a city where the source of oculatory light was placed. She could see the bright point all the time with her Dual Lenses - her own invention, a pair of glasses with one Oculator’s Lens and one Warrior’s Lens. With the special construction of the frame, she could freely combine two different kinds of Lenses if she found it necessary. The current combination allowed her to use the heightened reflex and dexterity thanks to the Warrior’s Lens and to keep an eye on her target.


Couple of hours ago she had contacted the main Library of the town she was headed to and informed about her arrival. This local branch was, up to this point, absolutely insignificant. It was run by the Wardens of the Standard, that were keeping an eye on local information distribution and weren’t doing much beside it. It was one of the dullest places there could be, but now things were about to change.

While approaching the city Julia begun to scan the city and the air above it for any silimatic technology. It was obvious that there will be interference from the Free Kingdom’s agents. Nothing like the appearance of this oculatory light source has happened for decades, the other side will investigate, no doubt about it. And that means, there will be Smedries…


She stopped her thoughts. It wasn’t time or place to think about them, not after the incident on Antarctica. Focus on the objective, get there and investigate, she told herself as she arrived in front of a nasty looking, neglected building of a library. The building didn’t have any oculatory aura, there was no point in using Expander’s or any other kind of Glass. She parked her bike in the front, near the entry and remembered the name of the local Head Librarian.


She entered the building with her library card prepared. Without any introductions she gave it to the teenage boy at the reception desk.


“Take me to your supervisor. Now.” she demanded, while the poor clerk stood there gaping. Just like she wanted. 


“Eee… Ekhm… Yes, ma’am.” Still looking at her and tripping at his feet, the boy, probably Librarian in training, lead her upstairs to the best looking doors in this building. He knocked and let her in without even waiting for response.


“Sit.” she said as she entered the room, paying little attention to the middle aged man behind the director’s desk. “Like I said on the phone, I’m gonna need a room, with full privacy. Money for my expenses. Access to all the history records of this town and any piece of information you have on the company that runs the dig site. Oh, and full cooperation of every member of your little book-shed. Any questions?” By the time she finished, he was already standing and turning red on his face.


“You! Who do you think you are?! Barging into my office, throwing demands left and right? You’re talking to the Chief Librarian of this city!” she roared pointing a finger in Julia’s face.

“Oh, I’m Julia Verana. Dark Oculator that is going to take care of the problem that you don’t even know you have.” As she was saying it, she activated her glasses, that right now were composed of Windstormer’s and Frostbringer’s Lenses. Channeling only a little piece of her power into them she created an icy gust of wind, blowing in his direction. “And you, mister Kowalsky, are going to sit down, before I give you frostbites!” A stronger blast of wind pushed the senior Librarian back to his chair, covering his jacket in white frost.


“You may not be aware of it, but there is an oculatory device activr in your city. It shines brightly for every oculator in the world to seen. So, it’s only a matter of time before enemy forces arrive to your precious little town and wreak havoc trying to steal it from us. The higher ups had sent me here to help you take hold of the situation, before it’ll be too late.”


“I don’t need your help, woman! I have dozens of able-bodied Librarians at my disposal and I have full control over local law enforcement forces.  There is no need…”


“Tell me, did any of your men ever faced a fully trained Crystin Knight?” she interrupted him and continued without waiting for an answer. “Or, even better, did they had a chance to try their abilities against a Smedry? Let alone a Smedry Oculator? Because that’s who we’re going to have here soon. And I assure you, the central branch would be very displeased with your performance if you let them even lay a finger on the artifact we’re talking about. So now, would you please take me to my room, so I can refresh myself, before we get to work?”

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"Want any backup?" Said another Scrivner's Bones with a sneer. That was Aravalli Range. She'd never even faced an opposing Oculator who wasn't already dead, let along a Smedry. Aravalli was one of the Blood Forgers. Aravalli knew that Scriverners worked alone. 


"No." Bitterroot had replied, keeping her cool. "I don't need help. Remember when I took down a Smedry using only a single Voidstormer's lense? How many Smedrys have you killed, forged a lense from? Have you ever even killed an Oculator?" Aravalli flinched backwards. Bitterroot had hit a nerve. 


"Fine then. Go get em." Aravalli waved goodbye and tossed a case to Bitterroot. "From your latest captive." 


"What type?" 


"Torturer's Lense." 


"Finally." Since Bitterroot's last pair had been damaged, she'd been doing anything she could to find another. "Thanks. I'll save a Smedry for you." Bitterroot placed the case in her bag. There were 21 cases, including the new one. She had basic ones, but also some quite interesting advanced ones. 


She'd traveled to an airport wearing a Disguise Lense. It was in Warsaw. The Scrivener's base camp was hidden quite well. She slid on her Oculator's Lense in adititon to her Disguise Lense. The anomaly was bright and glowing, but she also saw a different glow. Familiar.

Free Kingdomer.


Likely a Smedry or Oculator. 


She went into the gift shop, following the glow. She then coincidentally bumped into the Tentoren. That was the Smedry. She'd sensed him. She also guessed he was the source of the chaos earlier. She followed him. Maybe he would lead her to others. Was he causing the glow? No, she didn't think so. 

Still, Bitterroot followed him. 

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Kerry Righter #1: Flight is a beautiful thing


7 years ago: 


Flight is a beautiful thing. The feeling of glass below your feet, the firm joystick in your hand. Kerry loved flight. Well she had never flown but books and movies had shown her that a glass airplane was a beautiful thing. 


She would never fly, though. Never. 


Present Day: 


Kerry guided the Falcon out of the runway, muttering profanities about the traffic controller under her breath. And now she had to fly that rude Smedry who always missed the rendezvous point. What a bad day. 


" It would be better with coffee and a muffin," Kerry told the traffic controller. " But you refused to get any for me." 


" Sorry," said Boban, the traffic controller. " You didn't tell me about the muffin." 


" Yeah...." Kerry muttered. " 'Forgot.' " 

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Elmina Smedry huffed as she turned the corner on a Hushlander street. Why did she have to wear these stupid Oculators Lenses? They were not nearly as cool or useful as Windstormers Lenses. Plus, they were drawing her odd looks from the Hushlanders. It couldn't be her clothes, they were directly off a manikin showcasing the latest fashion trends in this place.

Before she could roll her amber eyes in annoyance, a huge flash of light almost knocked her to the ground. So bright! As her vision cleared, she saw that though the original burst was gone, the light was still glowing on the distance.

Elmina stood up straight and flipped her sandy brown braid off of her shoulder as she pulled some messengers glass out of her bag. Uncle Teteron was the closest Smedry stationed around here, wasn't he?

"Uncle," she wrote, "I just saw a flash of oculatory power, can I help you find the source?"

The reply came faster than she expected, "Of course! After Kerry picks me up, we can come get you."

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Bitterroot watched Tenetron. She wondered if he'd go to sleep at some point- he would have to. She'd been looking forward to using her favorite of her newer lenses, the Dreamvisitor's Lense. She'd appeared in Aravalli's dream once and totally messed with her. It had been hilarious. Bitteroot thought that Aravalli had wet her bed. 


Of course, Aravalli hadn't given Bitterroot any new lenses for a month after that. Still. It had been hilarious. After the initial experiment, she'd hung out around in a small village.

The rate of suicides there had risen dramatically. 


I need to cause a distraction. Find a way to get him where he's going quicker. Then follow him. 


Maybe a little bit of a commotion would serve her purposes.


Maybe a little bit of a dead body.


It always helped Bitterroot get over her issues anyway. 



Bitterroot heard the loudspeaker- so they had found the bodies of the group of tourists she'd killed and left in the office of the boss. The results of the announcements had caused pandemonium- not peace.


She quickly stole through the panicked crowd towards Tenetron. He'd been moving. She dropped her Disguise Lenses and dropped on a Shocker's Lenses. She focussed her energy through it easily. This one was from the Smedry she'd captured with the Voidbringer's Lense. Much useful. 


"Hello, Tenetron." She purred as the bolt of shock energy rocketed from her eyes. "Nice to see you." 


It missed, of course. It hit a Hushlander, who cramped up and collapsed. The crowd scattered. Screams.

A delicious melody. Too bad she wouldn't be able to torture them too much. She was entirely on business here. There was a Smedry to hunt. 


She could almost smell the fear. 


He bolted. She shot the Shock bolts to funnel him upwards. If she could get him to the roof with no line of escape, that would be perfect. All of her shots would miss, but if she could kick him off of the roof? How would he miss the ground? Hypothetically speaking, that should work. 



Ugh. Smedry. Even the not-Oculators were annoying. 


Though she longed to use her new Torturer's Lense, it wouldn't do much good if it did hit. The Shocker's Lense was better. 

Either way, she chased him up a set of stairs and into a door. Maybe this would be good? But the door blasted open. Gr. She would need to push him off the edge. 


"Your move." She said as they faced off on the roof. 

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Tenteron browsed the shelves of the gift shop, annoyed that he couldn't find such basic thing as a compass. Those primitive Hushlanders replaced more and more trustworthy devices like the compass with the unreliable things called smartphones. Soon, the paper maps will be gone too...


Someone bumped into him, disturbing his thoughts, reminding him where he was and that he had to hurry. He resigned from buying any maps and headed to the exit. In a couple of hours he was scheduled for extraction from the Hushlands. That left him just enough time to think of a plan... and grab something to eat. Luckily there was a huge shopping mall, not that far away from the Warsaw Chopin Airport, just a couple of bus stops away.


Tenteron was sitting, proud of himself, in the middle of a crowded food court in Galeria Mokotów. He was getting better and better in blending in between the Hushlanders. He just managed to buy a meal from that big company named McDonald's and he got only a couple of odd looks while he did it. Grandpa Smedry would be proud! The fact, that he was using Melerandian to communicate here, made everyone belive that he's just a tourist, now accustomed to using local currency. So the little mistake that he made, trying to pay one thousand times more for his meal, than he was supposed to, wasn't THAT shocking for the restaurant employee.


One of his pockets vibrated slightly, it was the Messanger's Glass, a very useful piece of Silimatic technology, that allowed to communicate with others. Just like the hushaland smartphones... only better, as it required you to write everything by hand, using a special glass pen.


"Uncle, I just saw a flash of oculatory power, can I help you find the source?" he read.


Ah, that must be from Elmina, he thought, recognizing her neat handwriting. She was studying Hushlands history in the same city. She was also one of the reasons that Tenteron ended up in Warsaw, as her father asked him to keep an eye on her. He was proud of his niece, that she showed a true Smedry spirit, wanting to investigate this flash of power without him even asking her to join.


Tenteron got up and started to head to the exit, he was supposed to meet with Kerry on the top of an office building, just on the other side of the street in fifteen minutes.


"Of course! After Kerry picks me up, we can come get you." He wrote just below her writing on his glass, thinking intensely about her while doing so. The Messanger's Glass would now transfer his writing to her, as long as his Talent won't interfere... It didn't happened too often, but Tenteron managed to miss with a text message sometimes, like when he was dating this beautiful princess, when he was a teenager... His long letter, with a lot of very private content, ended up on her fathers Glass... He cringed remembering the conversation with the kings that followed.




Obviously, no one remained in their place as everyone stood up and tried to leave the mall. Tenteron stood up as well and increased the sensitivity of his Oculator's Lenses.


Suddenly, his Lenses made the peripherals of his vision darker. Tenteron involuntarily focused on his Talent. Second later, a Hushlander near him fell to the ground. Everyone around him started to scream and panic, probably scared that it was some kind of a terrorist attack, that were happening recently in the Hushlands.


Tenteron didn't even bother to look behind, as he felt a dark terrifying presence, like a cube of ice sliding down his spine. There was no mistake, only the members of Scrivener's Bones Order had such a malevolent aura. He threw himself to the nearest corridor not blocked by panicked crowd. Unfortunately, running into that corridor wasn't the luckiest thing for him, as it ended with only one door. He pushed them desperately as the Scrivener's Bone entered the other end of the corridor. After three attempts Tenteron managed to bash the door, just to barely stop himself from falling of the edge of the roof that he run in to.


Well, that sucks. He thought, as he turned around to face the twisted combination of a woman and alivened parts that stood in the doors he just destroyed.


"Your move." She said as they faced off on the roof.

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