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There's New Pokemon


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I'm enjoying it as well - although I'm a little disappointed that not all the old pokemon are available yet - the last pokemon I played was Ruby, so there's quite a bit of catchup for me to do.

My friend code is 3737-9617-0240 - I'm hoping to increase my number of friends to get something good in the Friend Safari :)

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Mine is 2423-3215-0679. I'll add you guys later when I get home from work.


I'm not even halfway into the game yet (just finished the second gym) but I'm pretty certain that Generation VI is now one of my favorite Pokemon versions ever (along with generations I and III).

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I'll add my code as well, I wont be able to add you for a while though I do not have the school internet codes on my 3ds.

004-3983-0229 is my fc, I'll add you guys tonight

I think you're missing a digit on the first part of your fc - I tried a few combinations, but gave up when they didn't work :P

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