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ANNOUNCEMENT: No discussing Steelhunt Information


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We, the staff, have decided that due to the nature of the Steelhunt, and the information provided, we will not allow discussions of the information revealed at this time.


It is not fair to those who may not have a friend within the forums to taunt them with information that they do not have access to.


We have also decided that asking random people for a code is against the spirit of the rules, and will not be allowed.  If you gain a code, and would like to share it with someone, YOU may send it to THEM, but they cannot ask you for it, and you can't post to the forums in general that you have one.


These rules may change as plans are put into action, and as soon as we have more information about what we are working on we will let you know.


Please be aware that any posts after this that do not follow these rules will be hidden.  We thank you for your understanding.

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