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Hemalurgy Page: Linchpin Spike


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I noticed that the Hemalurgy page doesn't list "Between the Shoulder blades" as a possible bind point for Feru-Gold. The following WoB quote suggests this, however:


17th Shard: So the linchpin spike is not always the same type of spike.

Brandon: It doesn't have to be. The linchpin spike is just, when you're putting that many spikes together into somebody it needs a spike to coordinate them all. That is part of what's holding their body together from all of this damage, and it doesn't have to be the healing spike. The nature of Feruchemy is separate from that, if that makes any sense. For instance, you could put a few spikes into an Inquisitor without a linchpin spike, and they wouldn't die.


The part I've highlighted implies that the linchpin spike can be the healing spike which, based on my understanding of Hemalurgy, implies that "Between the Shoulder blades" is a possible bind point for Feru-Gold.


Does anyone want to amend this in the wiki (provided no one sees a flaw in my logic of course)?


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I am relatively certain that (since it doesn't have to be Feruchemical gold) this spike goes through one of the universal bindpoints (I am relatively certain that heart is universal or nearly so, for instance, just as it is universal donor). Mind you, the implication from "and it doesn't have to be the healing spike" to "it can be a healing spike" is not certain - it might be, for example, that a linchpin spike can be positioned in different points depending on type of spike while still retaining coordination properties. The particular positioning in Inquisitors was designed for ease of extraction, after all, not for function per se...

That being said, I am pretty sure it is one of the possible positions for universal spike, yeah.

Strictly IMO, of course.

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You know that the wiki is all volunteer based, right? We're all busy people with lives. The wiki is a massive project, there is an incredible amount of work to be done. If you want it on the wiki, the easiest way to make sure it happens quickly is to do it yourself. Sure, we'll probably get around to it, but it's a lot easier when people just fix the problems they see themselves, and then we just check when we're patrolling the recent edits.

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Hey Kadrok, nobody will bite your head off if you edit the wiki. Please feel free to add your info :) I think Windy just thought you were asking someone else to do it for you. Thank you for contributing.

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