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On the Strength of Bind Points


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I had an idea today mostly based off my theory on triangles, This is a prerequisite(well not really but for this theory to make sense you must believe in The power of triangles). So looking at the way the bind points overlap on the various types of triangles 4,6,and 9(two is excluded do to some bind point issues). so on a 4 point circle three points overlap on one corner and two on the rest. for six pointers it is two,one , two , one, two,one. and nine only one point on each position.

so now with the appropriate background out of the way here is the theroy. The more bind points over lap the stronger they become. 


now one might be wondering how i am rating the strength of every bind point

So in one of the illustrations It is noted that a chalking bound to a bind point is stronger than one that is not.

My rating for the strength of bind points is how much strength is added onto the chalkilings strength. and potentially with further evidence as to weather it is a multiplier or additional number. 


So three is stronger than two is stronger than one is stronger than none.


SO Comments thoughts questions, additional bits and pieces, proofs, disproofs, ectera, ectera. 

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I hadn't thought about the strength thing, but I've wondered if it would be possible to attach more than one chalkling to the bind points where multiple points from the 9-point construction coincide.  


By the way - I was playing with the triangles stuff before I came here hunting for what other people have done.  We mostly seem to agree, but I've also figured out how to make the 2 point circles fit. My take on triangles and 9-point circles for the existing circle based defenses (including 2 bind point defenses) is here:  http://kalynaanne.tumblr.com/post/107361151487/rithmatics-part-1

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the problem with the 2 point circle is the lack of a perpendicular line that intersects with the angle on two sides of the triangle. it leads to some points being lines to an extent due to how the 9 pointer has been defined. yes the numbers are 3 and 6 i just don't like the uncertainty of points literally existing as lines.

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