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Hi I'm new and I started a reread of Way of Kings and I found something that I thought was interesting.


I noticed it because I thought I read somewhere that Hoid wasn't the only character that is common to Brandon's books.


Here's the lines (p. 11):


A man with a long grey and black beard slumped in the doorway, smiling foolishly--though whether from wine or a weak mind, Szeth could not tell.

"Have you seen me?" the man asked


I just thought that it was weird that there would be a random man that has a speaking part with no other purpose in the book. Then as a read further I realized that it could also maybe be one of the Heralds (who says they aren't immortal?)


(p. 12)

He counted off each one, and realized there were only nine here. One was conspicuously missing. Why had Shalash's statue been removed?


This could be what the man meant when he asked Szeth the question--his statue is missing.


Obviously I could just be reading too deep into this, but it was a fun thought so I wanted to share it.

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BS has said that a number of Heralds (5, 6?) make appearances in TWoK.  Many also think that the bearded man is a Herald.  Some say Ishi.  It is also widely considered that Shalash makes a prominent appearance in an interlude.  I won't say which or who, in case you want to figure it out on your own.  Great observation though, n8.  Glad to have you with us in the forums. I look forward to hearing more from you.  Welcome.

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