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reputation undo/grace period


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This is getting ridiculous. In the last month, I've voted someone down when trying to vote them up twice, and I've voted someone down twice just trying to manipulate the page.

Both of these issues boil down to fat fingers and a mobile version, but can we please get an undo button, even if we only have until we navigate away to make the change? Something as ephemeral as reputation isn't exactly a hotbed for abuse...

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Not sure if that was him, but I upvoted you back to net zero. It could have come across as a tad short, but not worthy of being downvoted, in my opinion.


Back to the matter at hand.

I'm sorry for the trouble you've been having Pechvarry. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that, (as I understand it, I don't do coding for the site at all) it is currently impossible for us to implement a way to change up/down votes. Yeah, it kind of sucks, but our hands are tied. Personally, I try to avoid doing any voting at all when I'm browsing the site on mobile for fear of hitting the wrong button, and when I'm attempting to up or downvote someone, even when on my laptop, I'm very careful and deliberate.


If worst comes to worst and you inadvertently downvote someone, I suggest simply going on their profile and upvoting two of their posts elsewhere, to counteract your mistake, or post directly after your mistake to explain what happened. When people see something like this is going on, they're typically willing to help out with balancing the votes back out, like I did above.


Again, I'm really sorry that there's nothing we can do, but hopefully something I've said will be helpful.

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It's just getting embarrassing when every 3rd post is "hey, I have nothing to contribute, but can someone fix my Pechvote?"


Earlier today (Sorry, Kurk!) and last week to Aethling, I did it when trying to press the Tab button (chrome for android).  It appears my ideal zoom places the rep buttons directly underneath it.  Additionally, I typically navigate my phone solely with my right hand, so I tend to swipe up and down on that side to scroll, resulting in all sorts of accidental button presses.


I wonder what's so different about our architecture that makes it impossible?  I know other sites that will let you change your vote.  I think I've seen some that will let you revisit your year-old posts and change or remove votes, even.  


As a consolation prize, is it at all possible to rig it so users can opt out of voting altogether?  I'd love to be able to rate up on my real computers but not even have the option on the screen for mobile.


Better Idea:


Can we just get a confirmation Dialogue?  "Rate Down this post? Yes/No"  Is that out of our scope?

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This is getting technical enough that Eric would probably have to answer these questions. If he doesn't respond after I while, I'll text him about it.


My, limited, understanding is that its something about the forum software itself that makes it difficult and/or impossible to change. I know that people build mods for IPB, so maybe there could be something, but I'm not entirely sure. A dialogue box is a great idea, although I've no idea about whether or not it's possible.

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Hmm. Confirmation is something I might be able to do. I will investigate. The mobile version's add-on that allows upvotes and downvotes is certainly not the best, and I would say a confirmation dialogue would be good.


I will look, but it may be beyond my coding abilities. However, I do think this would be doable. Certainly easier to implement than a way to undo downvotes.


What frustrates me immensely is that IPB has alternative reputation system, called Likes, which freaking lets people undo their vote! It is a public reputation system, where only upvotes are allowed, so I don't really prefer it. But seriously, if they already implemented an undo methodology on the Like system, how hard would it be to put an X after you've given a vote to undo it?? Ugh. It makes me so mad.


Anyway, I will see what I can potentially do, but it may take me a while. 

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No rush, just checking into the feasibility of such a change is enough to make me happier.

I wish I could write it for you, but I wasn't even a good programmer 10 years ago when my degree said I was. Falling out of practice sure didn't make me better.

Still, I was always way better at fixing other people's broken features than adding new ones, so tell me if I can help with debugging or... Something.

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