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Ermergerrrd nerberrr


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I've been lurking this forum for a few years now, and finally decided to sign up.


I started reading Sanderson on the recommendation of a friend, and bought the Way of Kings shortly after it came out. I didn't read it for over a year, and opted to read Mistborn (and then Elantris) instead. Since then, I've read all of his Cosmere works (save for Emperor's Soul and Alloy of Law) and I love his stories and worldbuilding. I'm fifty shades of stoked for Stormlight 3 and Calamity.


Aside from being a rabid Sanderfan, I listen to an unhealthy amount of metal, and do a bit of my own writing. After five novels, though, the only writing-related gig I've landed has been copywriting.


Looking forward to chatting with y'all ^_^

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Welcome! Look forward to seeing you around! In the meantime, have an upvote.


What's your profile image?


Thank you for the upvote :)


My profile pic are a couple characters from Cloudnigh, a book I wrote in 2012. I was going to try to do the whole online serial thing, so I commissioned an artist to draw it. The online serial never came to fruition, but I still use the art on my phone background/forum avatars.


Read the Emperor's Soul. Have you ever heard of the Reckoners?


I love the Reckoners! So stoked for Calamity. And I'll definitely check out Emperor's Soul.


Read Alloy of Law! It is one of his bests!


I guess I better get to that, what, with Shadows of Self right around the corner xD

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