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My first attempt at writing a story (sci/fi with some fantasy elements)

king of nowhere

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I've had a world in my mind ever since I was 8. I used to imagine stories about it when I was idle. In the next twenty years, it never left my mind. It went through plenty of revisions while I became less naive and my own knowledge expanded, but it has always been there.

I never considered writing something about it until about one year ago. Frequenting this forum, I read about many people writing stories for fun, and others reading them. Slowly, I started to want to put my idea on paper. Except that it's actually a screen, but you know, metaphorically.

Anyway, this forum finally  convinced me that yes, I could actually give a shot to writing a story, and yes, there would be people who would read it.


So, here is the result. I've written prologue and chapter one. Prologue basically introduces the setting, showing a battle through the eyes of a common soldier to introduce the various elements, describe the situation, show the technology they're using; at 17 thousand words, it's by far the biggest part of what I wrote so far. Chapter one sets the story in motion. Chapter two, if I will write it, will start with new characters going to do what was planned in chapter one.


I don't have a complete story, and while I have several ideas, and I at least know an outline for a few more chapters, I'm not sure on how I'm going to develop it. I also haven't decided on a title for it. But if I get enough positive reviews, I will keep working on it. Here it is.


need a better title.docx


P.S. I wanted to point out that I developed the concept of powered armor by myself before it went mainstream. In fact, I was a bit disappointed when suddenly every sci-fi movie or videogame started to feature them, like they stole my idea and now will make me look like a copycat. Of course, the idea of strapping electronics and other devices to an armor to turn it into something more is fairly easy to conceive.


EDIT: Forgot to mention, since some of you care about this.

profanity content: there is some mild swearing, mostly indirect (as in "he swore" instead of "he said ***********"). The thing is, soldiers swear a lot, especially when they are fighting and things are getting hairy, so including any less swearing would have seemed irrealistic to me.

sex content: there is a passing mention that the armor contains a sex simulator, but nothing is done about it. I plan to show it used in the future, but it will be mostly played for laugh - and i intend to avoid being too direct in descriptions anyway

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