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Adding links in edition not working


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Hey, I had a strange problem while trying to edit one of my posts recently. I clicked 'edit', the editor popped inside the post like it should. The problem was that when I wanted to add a link, using this chain with a plus button the page got darker, but the little window where I would enter the link didn't appear. After that I couldn't get rid of the overlay, I had to refresh the page. This happened when I was browsing from my home computer, now that I'm in work everything works fine. So, the specs:


Home computer (adding links not working):

Windows 10, Chrome (newest version for this date) and Microsoft Egde, both not working properly.


Work computer (everything is fine):

Linux, Chrome 34.0



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As a temporary measure, you can click on the button on the very upper left hand corner, which puts you into Source mode. Then, you can type:

[url=INSERT LINK HERE]Name of the link[/url]
For example,



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Well, it seems that the topic is no longer valid. Sorry for inconvenience. Everything works fine now. I think that wrong behavior was caused by fresh Windows 10 update. Maybe not everything was done yet. Please close/delete the topic.

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