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Hello, I'm Govika


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Hello, I'm Govika.


I primarily started an account on the 17th Shard because I am full of questions and little conspiracies. I'd love to post a forum question containing them too. I have only read TWoK, and only know about that world. I do know Sanderson has other works, such as Elantris, and Mistborn, and will read them eventually. However, my main concern is TWoK. I do not mean to sound rude, only factual.

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Hi Govika, and welcome :)

Some general advice, as you're planning to read the other books in time, is to be very wary of spoilers on this board. You're likely to see a lot of talk about Odium which relates (factually or speculatively) to other Shardworlds.

That said, I look forward to hearing your conspiracy theories on WoK :D

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