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Hello :) I am new and have no idea whats going on :D


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Welcome! We're glad to have you.


This is a friendly community that talks a lot about Brandon's books, and quite a bit about other stuff too. If you want to discuss an aspect of the books you've read, look for a thread (or start your own!) in the appropriate sub-forum.

Other areas of the site include role-play threads, discussions of other books, tv shows, movies, etc, writing advice and critiques, and a lot of miscellany. 


I'll also point out the links at the top to the wiki about Brandon's collected works, and to the Gallery of fan art. 


How did you find us? What Sanderson books have you read? Which are your favorites?


What else you want to know?

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Hello, Hmmm! I'll bombard you with some random information!


This is a fansite of Brandon Sanderson's works, as you should hopefully know. :D


Most of the forums' purposes can be determined by exploring, and most are self-explanatory. However, if you haven't read all the Cosmere works yet (adult fiction like Mistborn, Way of Kings, Elantris, etc.) I'd stay away from the Cosmere Theories section. Major spoilers there.


There's a reputation system that works on upvotes/downvotes on posts. Those are the red and green arrows on the corners of every post. Upvotes for if a post was funny/awesome/helpful/whatever, downvotes if it was offensive or very, very bad in some way. Your total reputation is the number underneath your picture on the side in the box. (That wasn't confusing at all.) If you're at zero rep, like you are now, you're a "Spren." The names don't really do anything except provide amusement. Rep doesn't mean anything, but it makes you feel accomplished.


Try not to double post, as a general warning.


If you've read Mistborn, you probably understand what I mean when I say that if anyone offers you a cookie it's spiked. If you don't, just know that it's not alcohol. It's literal spikes.


Explore! Have fun! I'd give you an introductory upvote, but I've hit my upvote quota for today.  <_< Anyway, go thee forth and do stuff!

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Um like I said I have no idea whats going on or how this website works so if someone could give me some pointers it would be greatly appreciated :D

I have no idea, I've just been making it up as I go along.

Don't say anything rude. Don't downvote unless they deserve it. Cite your sources.

Do you art?

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Welcome to the forums!
I don't have much to add except that if you want to write a post with spoilers in it be sure to use spoiler tags like so:

Create by typing (spoiler) Spoilery text goes here (/spoiler) only use square brackets instead of round []

Can I interest you in a welcome to the forums cookie?

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