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Hi guys,


Unlike most of you in here, I have no artistic ability, whatsoever.


I am, however, not too bad when it comes to making things, especially pieces of kit. In October there is a convention which Brandon will be attending, and I was planning on going as Sadeas.


A couple of friends of mine have offered to help me create a costume, and I was thinking why not go for the most obvious costume for someone playing Sadeas? His Shardplate.


I believe my friends and I can make it, but I'd like to be able to give them some concept sketches to work from.


I've checked through the gallery, and asked Google, and there are many, many pictures of the more popular characters, and a few of just random Shardplate, but I didn't find a single one of Sadeas. So, would anyone be willing to create a sketch of Sadeas in his Shardplate please?

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Okay, I just did my own quick search, and I'm afraid there aren't that many descriptions of Sadeas' s Shardplate (that I could find). It's painted a deep red, and apparently ornamented / fashionable, but other than a brief mention of a helmet with a crown-like sunburst motif, I didn't see anything that would set his plate apart from others. Honestly? Your best bet might be to find an existing picture of Shardplate that you like and just plan on making it in deep reds. You can add his glyph to it somewhere to customize it a little, but I think most people will recognize it from the color more than anything else.


If you had something in specific you needed drawn out, I might be able to throw something together, but I think your best option is to pick a random Shardplate picture that you like the style of / that looks doable, and work from there. Best of luck!

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