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Hello! I like BS' magic systems


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So now that I've now made 10 posts or so, it's probably time for an introduction.


Who am I?: Freelance journalist and fairly prominent blogger (at least on the topic that I specialize in). Have wanted to write fantasy and sci-fi novels since I was about 8.


How I discovered BS: When I discovered he'd be finishing WoT. I don't think he did a great job on that, BTW, but to be fair, I think the series was beyond salvation by that point and he did as well as could reasonably be expected. To the contrary, the Mistborn series was one of the very best speculative fiction works I've ever read, and The Stormlight Chronicles look very promising too.


What I think of BS: The very best magic systems period. Some of the very best plotting too, I really cannot think of any other fantasy work with a Gambit Pileup that is as credible and comprehensive as in the Mistborn trilogy. Characterization, however, is a hit and miss affair. In my opinion, he is awesome at writing humorous interactions between male companions (e.g. Wax n' Wayne, Rand and Mat, Breeze and Ham), but quite bad at interactions between men and women. Most other characterizations are somewhere in between, i.e. they are solid, but not great.


My writing plans: I am currently writing not a fantasy but a cyberpunk sci-fi novel in which consciousnesses are simulated, mostly against their will. What would you do if you found yourself within a computer simulation whose programmers exploit you - that is, observe your responses to the environment, and other agents - with no obvious way out? I have the characters, themes, and world (that is, simulation) all worked out to a large extent, but still need to finalize my plot so as to make the timeline consistent and the actions of all the characters plausible and understandable.


My long-term goal is to write a multi-book fantasy series set in 3000AD, after peak oil, resource shortages, and global warming have regressed technology to c.1900 levels, and the surviving states are all concentrated around the Arctic Circle (the only climatically habitable area of the world). It will feature a dark lord type enemy (the precise nature of which is central to the very core of the series, so I'm afraid I can't reveal it) with a Horde in the southern deserts, and an original magic system.


I am not happy with the characters or plot (which are basically non-existent, pretty much, beyond the barest archetypal outlines). I am however happy with the world-building, on which I have 100 pages of notes, and extremely happy with the magic system, which is as detailed, logical, and internally consistent as any one of BS' (even if I say so myself). This magic is loosely based on the Buddhist concept of the "Three Realms" and Gnosticism. (I suppose Realmatic Theory too is in that general "three worlds" category, but I came up with that magic system well before I came across BS' work; and for that matter, I strongly suspect that BS too delved into those philosophies when he was constructing the metaphysics of the cosmere).


It's an extremely long-term project. I don't see myself starting on it for at least the next 5 years. For a start, my writing skills (as relates to plot, characters, dialog, etc) isn't anywhere near good enough yet.

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wavesmile_zps714b81c8.gif  I totally agree with you, Shaidar, that Brandon definitely develops the very best systems of magic in fantasy fiction.  They're diverse, yet connected; elemental, yet literal; symbolic, yet actualized ... and more.


I hope you'll share some of your own writing with us and welcome!

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