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A Rather Macabre Theory Regarding BWS


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Let me begin by saying that I have every wish for BWS to live to be sixteen to the sixteenth power and that I bear him no ill will whatsoever.


HOWEVER - I do not believe Mr. Sanderson will live to tell the entire story of the cosmere. Not because it is such an enormity of a masterpiece as to be unable to be contained within a human lifetime, nor because I believe him to be sickly or in ill health. Rather, this theory stems from the very reason we all admire and cherish Mr. Sanderson: his passion.


Hear me out. First, the evidence:

  • Mr. Sanderson is known to love what he does and to write almost purely for pleasure.
  • One one of the earlier episodes of Writing Excuses Mr. Sanderson mentioned that his physical health is better when he's writing than when on tour or taking a break as he frequently uses a treadmill desk.
  • Mr. Sanderson routinely teases new cosmere works at various readings, often several per year and many unheard of by even his staff at Dragonsteel LLC.
  • Brandon and his wife courted, in many senses, though his cosmere works and his marriage has been only enriched by them.
  • Mr. Sanderson has stated that he has innumerable ideas - many of which are cosmere-related. And a fraction of 'innumerable' is still, itself, innumerable.
  • Although his life appears to consist of a rich variety of loves (family, his faith, goat cheese, etc), it also seems apparent that using that wondrous imagination of his to create and explore his own worlds and magic systems within the realm of the cosmere is one of his primary sources of self-satisfaction and joy.
  • Even in stories/worlds with an enormous planned scope, Brandon can't help expanding the scope even further (case in point, a 4th Mistborn trilogy [Way/Wayne]... no wait, a quartet, the man just doesn't stop)

And the conclusion:

Brandon's physical, social, emotional, spiritual, professional, and psychological health and happiness are at their highest when he is writing within the cosmere. To bring the cosmere-arc to a close, even to wrap up the major storylines while leaving room for perpetual 'outriggers' would be devastating to him, remove so much richness to his life. That said, Lord willing he will live for eons due to the benefits of continued cosmere, but it would only shorten or cripple his life to actually finish. And given his delight in the new, I wouldn't put it past him to have the first 7 of 20 books in 8 unique series published posthumously once he does (eventually, far far from now) leave the physical realm.


That said, I will admit I do not believe Brandon to be unable to find satisfaction without the cosmere, but why would he ruin such a good thing by changing?

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A story that never ends and then just vanishes quietly after the force driving it finally disappears is probably the most sad way to go.

I'd much rather him finish the cosmere saga and then start a new one with all those ideas of his.

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