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Just thought I'd drop in and say "Hi".


I've found my way here via the writing excuses podcasts (playing catch up, I've reached the start of season 3) and am loving the advice I am getting from the guys over there.  I'm hoping that the Excuses forums will help me develop my skills further and will likely spend alot of my time over there.


Having said all that, it's great to find a group of Brandons fans to share the painful wait for Way of Kings 2  :)


Brandon came to my attention when he took over the final WoT books, no disrespect to Robert Jordan but I felt he breathed new life into that story.  I've now read most of Brandons books, currently on Warbreaker (a paid for copy too!) but haven't read Elantris yet.  Also still have the Alcatraz books to read but am worried I may struggle with the YA aspect of that story.  I did however buy the first one for my nephew this Christmas.


Could anyone give me any recommendations for new authors to read?  I've read Adrian Tchaikovsky and Patrick Rothfuss recently, but anything else would be appreciated.


Take care everyone



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Woo! Shout out for Tchaikovsky :D


If you've not read Jim Butcher I'd recommend, I've only read the Dresden Files but I'm reliably informed his fantasy series is excellent.


Also, Brent Weeks' Lightbringer is great so far (waiting on book 3).


Welcome to the forum :)

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