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What does Lancing do? [Question Answered - 06/17/2015]


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Hello all,


I want to discuss what it is we all think Kairominas can do with Lancing. What can Lancing do? I initially thought it allowed energy manipulation, as most descriptions of it seem to make that obvious, but then there's chapter 3.



Well, I would have destroyed the pigment in the wine, rendering it colorless, then drawn the moisture from it and split the water into its two primal gases to leave the tablecloth dry. If I'd been able to Lance.


I'm not well versed in pigment science, so I could use some help. Would Kai drawing out the pigment still classify as energy manipulation? Pulling the moisture and splitting the molecule all fall under that umbrella, but I am unsure about the pigment stuff.


As a note, this is a discussion as to what Lancing can do on Alornia, or in a world where it functions in the way Kai is familiar with. This is not a discussion about how Lancing works after Sophie hacks Maltese to let Kai control heat.


Thanks for the help!


Edit: After looking it up, pigmentation alteration is a form of energy manipulation.

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well, making and splitting molecular bonds involve energy transfer, so i'd say lancing does that.

we've seen with lancing kai can make ston platforms fly and manipulate matter at atomic level, sso i'd say, it does pretty much anything. it is a broken, overpowered kind of magic.  the kind that would let you pass yourself as a god. no wonder he conquered the world.

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The way I understood the stone business was he used the barriers to lift the stones, which still falls under energy manipulation. Really the biggest problem is the pigment comment, and I haven't had time to look into it in detail, though when I get the chance I will.

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