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I had a dream... (Here there may be spoilers)


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I recently had a dream that I was in the Rithmatist.

I was handed a book by an old, grey haired man, and a piece of chalk. Then a woman's hand burst through his chest, ripping out his heart. There were three of them, identical in shape and form, short smiling brunettes with a calm look on their faces I ran away through my house, leafing through the book. It was filled with diagrams and drawings and complex shapes. I looked back. The women were chasing me and I couldn't run much further without hitting a dead end. I turned around and drew a circle around myself with chalk.

The women stopped and reeled away from the barrier like it was more than a white line on the floor. Then they went to the corner, filled a kettle with water, and set it on the boil. I quickly went through the book and found a page. Perfect. I drew out a knight with a sword to attack them. I couldn't get it to do anything. I later realized this was because I didn't give it any orders.

I drew a line, and flicked it away. It slashed into one of the woman's backs and opened a hole. Inside was clay- these were golems, animated by some magic, presumably this chalk thing. I threw a few more slashes but they did little damage and the women just chuckled. Then they turned around, holding a boiling kettle of water. They tossed it at me and I darted back. It smashed through the chalk barrier like it wasn't even there, washing away the chalk and my feeble knight. Knowing that I would have to go forward or die I advanced. The woman tossed some of the boiling water at me, straight at my face. I put up my arm to protect myself, taking a scald across my arm which sent agony running through me. "What do you want?" I asked.

"The book" she said. And she tossed more water at me. Before it hit me I woke up.

Anyone else had any fun Brandon Sanderson dreams?

Incidentally, knowing that my mind likes chalk dreams, I memorized some of the chalk drawings from the first chapter of Rithmatist such as the dragon. If I return to that dream I can draw dragons to burn and scald their clay and make them into pottery. I memorized how to draw lines of vigor which are reportedly more effective in combat.

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