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Tagging/Mentioning Users


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For a while, I've wished that I could tag users with the "@" symbol.

For example, if I wanted Kurkistan's opinion on a Cosmere Theory of mine, I could just write "@Kurkistan" (or something equivalent) in the post, and he would get a ping or notification. That's just one example, but I think it would be very useful in many areas of the forums to have that function. Does this function exist, is it available, or has it been discussed before?


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My thread-knowledge is more spotty. There was a bit there were it seemed every other new theory post would have me as its first reply saying "<url>this thread</url> might interest you" as I recalled older theory posts, but that relies on me staying very very on the ball with quite a larger volume of stuff than just tracking WoBs, so it's harder both to stay abreast and to find again for linkage.


That post was only 6 months ago, not a year. :P If I had to guess, though, I'd say "soon".

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How amusing that you think that I don't already instinctively know when someone posts a new theory worthy of consideration.  B)


It's going to be a thing in a bit when the site updates, is my understanding.

Yes, it will! Hopefully it doesn't suck, but it should give you a notification, which you could set to email you or not.

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