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I noticed that the other day that at if you click on the moderator title at the bottom of a board under where it says "Forum led by" it links to a no results page instead of pulling up a list of the moderators for that board.

Are you sure the group you're looking at has any members in it? Which forum in particular were you looking at?

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I think I know the problem. The issue is the difference between primary membergroups and secondary groups. For almost everyone, they have the membergroup "Members". The difference only matters in certain admins and moderators. Look right below my avatar, for example. My "main" group is Administrators, but I've selected several secondary groups, relevant to my interests in the board. That way, if--and a big if--people knew the rationale of the membergroups, they would know what I focus in. Most admins have done similar things.

When you click on those groups under the Forum Led By thing--for example, for Cosmere Theories, it is led by ardents--it will search the members whose primary membergroup is ardents. Thing is, with Windrunner moved to Global Mod, there is no one who has the primary group ardent. Same with Worldbringers and Radiants.

However, the system does work if you look at the RP area. It does show the Obligators and the people who run each individual forum.

Just a quirk in the membergroups.

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