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May I propose that we normalize the tense in all of the wiki entries? I believe the default tense should be present. Thoughts?

Also, is it possible to rename a page? If not, how do I create a new/delete one?

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Sure, I like normalizing tense, except when we're obviously talking about past events that happened in one of the books. Past tense would be fine there.

I don't think it's possible to rename pages. Creating new pages basically involves you typing in the name of the new article you want in your browser's search bar (essentially, type in the link to the article you want) and then create it that way. What did you need to rename?

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"Eshene," from Elantris. Her name is actually Eshen.

So I'll just create a new page, copy the info over, and change all of the links that link to Eshene into links to Eshen (if and when I find any).

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If you're logged in then you should have the option of moving a page. Unless we've inadvertently decided to be mean and disabled that for users. Have a look at the top next to the edit button. There should be a tab marked move.

I've moved Eshene for you. That way it also creates redirects automaticaly.

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