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Cosmere City: A RP

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This RPG will take place in a city called Cosmere City. Basically, everyone has a magical ability. Abilities are here below:

- Surgebinder

- Full Feruchemist

- Mistborn

- Awakener with Breath up to the 5th heightining

- Ferring

- Misting

- Twinborn

The rest of people have Breath up to the 2nd Heightining. So how it works is a bunch of prodigys with magical abilities form together to fight crime. They get awesome headquarters and amazing tech. Note: this is set in about 2017 so there are guns and cool planes.


The city is divided into six sections each named for Aons. The sectors are Aeo, Edo, Teo, Ashe, Daa, Rao. The group ( we can name it whatever we want) is based in Aeo.

So if anyone wants to play just ask. This is the planning and characters thread- Venture Mistborn

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Awesome! I'm a Mistborn. I will give people a couple more days to join and then I will start. People can still join though. Can you guys give me a profile for your characters?

Larkoftheriver, you can play as Resool and/or a Returned.

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My character's name is Turos.


He is a Lurcher/Gasper.


He wears a belt which has a few pouches attached, each filled with steel rock-climbing anchors. He also carries a steel clawed hammer, a couple flares, and a non-metallic slingshot on the belt, with straps to keep them secure. The flares have metal caps crimped on the free ends, and are attached from belt loops. When torn free, they ignite. In addition to these, he has a hundred feet of climbing cord.


He wears a red-and-black tiger-striped wingsuit and has two bands of cadmium that fit snugly around his hands like brass knuckles, which he has painted with red and black stripes on the backs. The paint has begun to scratch off in places. His wingsuit has exterior pouches to carry pill-shaped pieces of iron. The belt is secured to the back of his suit with straps, and it can be undone easily to allow the 'wing' membranes to open. He also has a spare black wingsuit in a pouch on the belt. He wears hiking shoes without studs. As a last resort, he carries a parachute attached to a single climbing anchor.


Turos is a bit of an adrenaline junky. He is a base-jumper, but he does it in his own way, using his allomancy to redirect his falls, even swinging upwards for dramatic landings on distant rooftops. He's broken several bones, and likely will break more. He has gone scuba diving without a breathing aparatus, and almost died from the Bends.

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I wouldn't mind being a part of it.


Because everyone else has done something other than Warbreaker, I'll be a 4th Heightening Awakener.


Just saying, this will be my first RP, so bear with me, if a few of my questions seem a bit silly.


But, what do we do? How do we 'fight crime'? Who are the bad guys that we're versing? (Except TheSilverDragon. I don't think 6 people will have too much trouble fighting 1 person.) And, how do we decide how the battle, if there is one, went? How are such events portrayed? If there's a list somewhere for standard, canon RP rules, then could you please forward me a link?

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Cool, perfectly fine.

For more evil people, I might make a hazekiller or an Inquisitor. But I think I might have too many characters (I can't help myself x3

Anyway, I might not start my characters today. Ap testing tomorrow.

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Could I be an elantrian?

Name: Reod meaning retribution.

Feels that th government f the it has wronged him, still working how though. He now wants to destroy the government for revenge and to also build a better one.

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