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I was first introduced to Brandon Sanderson when I saw he had a lecture concerning geography and world-building about a month back. This pricked my interest as a aspiring author of fantasy and I decided to look in to it. After thoroughly enjoying every lecture I thought I would check out his books. So here I am with a couple questions about his works.

#1: What do you consider his best novels? I was looking into The Way of Kings and Mistborn. Legion also looked interesting even though I'm mostly into fantasy writing.

#2: Are Brandon Sanderson's book clean? I'm looking for good reading without questionable content; specifically sexually.



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#2: Are Brandon Sanderson's book clean? I'm looking for good reading without questionable content; specifically sexually.

I'm pretty sure the raciest scene penned is from Warbreaker.

“I’m bathing,” she snapped.

“Yes,” the man said. “I believe I can tell that.”

“Well, why are you watching?”

The man cocked his head. “But I’m a royal servant, far beneath your station . . .” he said, then trailed off. “Ah, yes. Idrian sensibilities. I had forgotten. Ladies, please splash around, make some more bubbles in the bath.”

The serving women did as asked, churning up an abundance of foam in the soapy water.

“There,” the man said, turning back to his ledger. “I can’t see a thing. Now, let us get on with this.

So, unless HBO options the rights, I don't think you'll find anything particularly offensive. ;)

I will note, however, that it's in a bathtub, and still 'clean'. :P

Personally, I really liked Mistborn 1, and felt that the first book was so strong that the next two couldn't quite live up to the high expectations it set up. Don't get me wrong, they're still good, but Mistborn 1 was more self-contained - the best part of a Sanderson novel is generally the last 20% or so, and Mistborn 2 lost a bit of that because so much of its conclusion was tied into Mistborn 3.

Warbreaker is pretty excellent as well. A complete version is also up on Sanderson's website for free, to give people a taste of his style. He's matured a bit as a writer since then, but I still like Lightsong's scenes - though I've been told that really depends on how much you like 'dad jokes'. Anyway, if you want an easy starting point, it'll save you a trip to the bookstore, and it's a pretty good story.

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of The Way of Kings, mostly because it's the first book in a ten book series, and, while the plot threads and viewpoint characters are interesting on their own, they're scattered across a rather large continent, and don't have any chance to interact with each other as frequently as I'd like - I think I'll like it better once the second or third ones come out.

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