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Survivorism Doctrine


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That we know of, there are two Survivors worshipped in Survivorism (if anyone knows of more canon ones, please let me know.)

A common thread came to my attention recently. What any Survivor first survives, he later defeats.

Kelsier was the Survivor of the Pits; after being declared such, he went back and destroyed the Pits so they couldn't produce atium anymore.

Spook was the Survivor of the Flames; after being declared such, he did pretty much all of the hard work when it came to stopping the fire that would have destroyed the city. The Survivor of the Flames defeated a massive conflagration.

That's... all. Not really a question that begs debate, just something that occurred to me. Does anyone know of any other canon Survivors? (sidenote: a Survivor of the Cannons would be awesome). Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

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Interesting thoughts. As a matter of fact, it just occured to me that:

AoL spoilers

This could be a future plot device, possibly even linked to good ol Mister Suit. Set yourself up as the newest survivor, crush your enemies in a huge religious frenzy.

Probably not like that, but it's possible.

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