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I was looking to cite-ify the Kandra page, specifically adding the nature of the Blessings, when I ran into a bit of a problem. The RPG says that the Blessing of Potency comes from steel spikes, but we know that those steal allomancy. Iron makes more sense, since it's human strength, but I can't find any source to support it directly and the attribution on iron's page was to the HoA Ars Arcanum, which does not have anything to say on the topic.

Also, there is a conflict in definitions of the Hemalurgic effects of copper. The HoA Ars Arcanum says "mental fortitude," but the RPG says "intelligence and memory." I'm inclined to believe the RPG, both because it's newer and because it simply makes more sense, especially since we already have "emotional fortitude." The Ars Arcanum was also the same one that listed Atium as stealing Allomantic temporal powers, so it's not infallible.


P.S. Also, I may have missed something, but where did the idea that the Blessing of Presence blocks allomantic-hijacking come from? That stopped OreSeur from going crazy, not from being hijacked by Vin.

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It just came from Brandon himself :P


Was TenSoon more susceptible to Ruin's powers than the other Kandra because he took OreSeur's Blessings?


Yes, he was. However, the Blessing of Presence actually enhanced his mind to make him more resistant, so they balanced out.


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It just came from Brandon himself :P

Ah, that guy. Never liked him. Always messing up my theories.

In all seriousness, are we sure that resistance to Ruin is the same as resistance to emotional Allomancy hijacking? They obviously exploit the same chink in the spiritweb, but it seems to me as if Ruin is more in the business of direct mind interference rather than messing with emotions, and so a "strong" mind would help out against him; Ruin preys on the mentally ill (weak mind), not the emotionally vulnerable.

That combined with the RPG (always a secondary source, but still useful, I think) is enough, at least for me, to cast the potency (hur hur) of the Blessing of Potency Presence into doubt.

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OK, about blessings of Potency, they are the same as Koloss spikes:

Koloss are not the melding of two people, but five, as evidenced by the four spikes needed to make them. Not five bodies, of course, but five souls.

Each pair of spikes grants what the kandra would call the Blessing of Potency.

They were iron:

He found them quickly, rolling one—then the other—out onto the rock shelf in front of him. Two small, polished iron spikes. It took two spikes to form a single Blessing.
Immediately, he felt power wash through him. His body became stronger.

And that is why I don't trust RPG as more than secondary source :lol:

As for the mental fortitude, I believe this is a fancy name for intelligence/memory, while Emotional fortitude provides mental/emotional stability.

It probably added additional resistance, but not enough to balance the spike damage completely.

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