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As a few of you know, I've been picking up a lot of my old dead stories I wrong forever ago and finishing them. I was working on one, the Titleless one, and I started to wonder if the way it is written was even good to begin with. It has three POV characters, each in the different nations, individually plotting to pretty much ruin one another, eventually meeting in the middle. As I type it here it feels less and less workable. I'm planning on changing it over to a single nation in the dark about most of what is going on in the other two, but I'd like some feedback first.


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Depends on how you want to approach this.

Want the reader to know some of what is going on, but not much? Give tantalizingly vague viewpoints from the other two nations. Want the readers to be just as in the dark of this as the first nation is? Still have viewpoints from the other two, just make them come just before/after the first nation realizes what's going on. Keep your tensions focused around the fact that the first nation has no idea what's going on, perhaps an overdose of paranoia, with some events that the other two nations are using to manipulate the first.

Care to share a sample of your first stuff? That might help.

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