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Audio books errors - are they in books?


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Mild spoilers below...

First, AoL-

On my Kindle it says it's page 301 (Chapter 19), location 5445. The sentence is:

"As Wax tried to roll over, Miles grabbed him by the front of his shirt and hauled him up, then laid into him with a fist to the face."

On my audio book by Michael Kramer, the bold and italized "Miles" is read "Max". Was this just the audio reader's error or does the first edition of the book really say Max!

Second, HoA-

On my Kindle it's right near the beginning of Chapter 50 (sorry this ebook didn't come with page numbers), location 7351. The sentence is:

"He'd been one of Elend's friends in Luthadel, before the Collapse."

On my audio book, the name is read as "Elden"! Again, reader error or first edition error?


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