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When will the heroes go to Braize?

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So reading WoR I came to a intresting conclusion. The heroes will have to go to Braize to eventually fight Odium. When do you guys think that will happen?

I personally think SA 9 then someone dies and they finish it in the next book.

Here are some questions I have:

How the heck are the going to get to Braize- Answer: Hoid and other Worldhoppers

Any comments?

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They go next book, actually.

When they get there, they meet a talking mushroom and learn that Odium is on another Shardworld.

Hope they get lost.

"We've walked past this mushroom five times!"

"That's not the same mushroom!"

'Yes I am.'

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Anyone with the transportation surge could get them there.

Assuming they can figure out where Braize is in Shadesmar relative to Roshar's surrounding Expanses.

And hope it doesn't turn out to be pure ocean in Shadesmar over there.

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