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Hello. I always feel self-led introductions are awkward, but here I go anyway. I have been reading/a fan of Sanderson's works for a while now, starting with FE. I have since, lurked online to see if anyone has the same theories (or better! theories). I have been shadow reading here for well over a year. (It just feels creepy to admit that.) 


I finally broke down and joined because of the creepy-watcher vibe I was exuding. I think others may have noticed. Also, it's gotten to the point where I began responding verbally to the posts with which I strongly agree and disagree. At that point, I realized it might be beneficial to my mental health just to join and post the response. I look forward to joining the discussions :)


I say "broke down" because, while I'm very out-going and talkative, I find myself really shy when it comes to starting new friendships and acquaintanceships online. 

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Echidnas are indeed to cute to mistrust. :P
Welcome to the madness of the 17th Shard, I hope that you find yourself comfortable and talkative soon as knew views, theories and ideas are always great to have. I look forward to seeing you around.

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