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Spiritual Constructs


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First of all, I agree that this theory is very likely true and it makes a lot of sense, but one of the quotes from Brandon made me want to add on to the theory a bit.

There is a certain amount of... It is a symbiotic bond that is gained by Syl. And things gained by the person bonding. And the stronger presence in the physical realm, and the ability to think better in the physical realm is a part of that bond. She is mostly getting [something] of the physical realm. Without the bond, it is very hard for her to think in this world.

That "in this world" bit makes me think that rather than the lack of a physical aspect limiting your cognitive aspect in its entirety, it may limit how well it can interact with anything in the physical realm. Another example besides Syl, for this is found in the symbol head spren. They have no physical aspect to speak of and can only be glimpsed in Memories (or possibly mirrors). Despite the lack of physical aspect, they are very sentient when they speak to Shallan in shadesmar.

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