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So, there are three hulking creatures sitting alongside a shipping canal. One's a Koloss, another's an Inquisitor and the third's a Lifeless.

The Koloss turns over to the other two and says, "I'm so strong, I'm going to kill both of you with my powerful fists, because I'm so strong!"

The other two don't respond at first. After a minute of thought, the Inquisitor turns to the Koloss and says, "I'm so fast, I'm going to decapitate both of you before you can move, I'm so fast!"

The Lifeless grunts and watches as a barge comes down the canal. The other's follow his gaze.

"Well," the others ask, "what are you going to do to destroy us?"

The Lifeless starts laughing.

"What's so funny?" They demand as the barge pulls right behind them.

The Lifeless gives them a creepy, emotionless stare and points at the barge. "Magnets."

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Adonalsium was like a mirror. Hoid examined his backside in it, and it shattered.

Brandon's magic systems embody the American populace's loves. Eating, Breathing, Doodling, and coming soon: Forgery. Amusing, wouldn't you say?

What's the difference between Hoid and a Viola?

People will stop and listen to Hoid

What do Kvothe and a Spanreed have in common?

They're both sympathetic :)

Nobody understands Truthspren. Far too symbolic.

Ya, my jokes are terrible :/

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