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How Many Tours Is Sanderson Doing?

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Now he's in taiwan, before that he was on the firefight tour. since the beginning of the year, it never passed more than a few days before he went to some events. Judging from his schedule, I have the impression that he's around the world more often than at home.

So I am curious; how much time does brandon actually spend on conventions, defined as the number of nights he sleeps away from home during a year? one month? two? more?

Also, how much that affects his writing? I know he can write while on the airplane (lucky him, I am incapable of doing absolutely anything on an airplane), but how much can he write while on a convention? Half as much as he writes from home? One third as much?

Last but not least, does his family follow him, at least on the longer trips?

thanks for the informations, if you know them.

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The dude wrote The Emperor's Soul on a plane ride back from Taiwan in February 2012. It was released that November, so we can tell that he didn't spend a lot of time rewriting and revising. And it later won a Hugo so I think there's not much arguing about the quality.




Bottom line, I'm okay with him taking some trips.

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