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Jezrien/shalash Question


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I wasn't sure where exactly to put this, but I noticed on Shalash's page, it's confirmed by a WoB that she is Jezrien's daughter. Or at least, it's posted on Theoryland. I wasn't sure if there were any book references, or hints that would have inspired someone to ask this question. I didn't see much on her particular wiki, since not much is known about her in general. 


I assume we don't know who her mother is. 


But when I checked Jezrien's page, it didn't mention Shalash at all. I feel like this is something that should be mentioned & I figure it's pretty significant. It makes me wonder about all the other Heralds. Are they also related? 


Mostly I thought that this was a very interesting piece of info, and I haven't seen anyone else talking about it. But today is also my first day, so this might be information that everyone else is used to. 

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The question arose because of this epigraph from WoK ch 55 “A woman sits and scratches out her own eyes. Daughter of kings and winds, the vandal.” After surmising that shalash was baxal's mistress, the vandal association seemed clear, and jezrien is described as a king in the prologue and wears a crown in the icons.

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