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Cross Clan/Guild Common Rooms

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Hello and welcome to the cross clan/guild common rooms.


a place for members from all clans and guilds can come together to talk, plot, and exchange various foodstuffs. (please don't poison us DA) 


these common rooms are open to anyone, whether they belong to a guild, clan.



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"Cyanide!? Who do you think we are! We wouldn't kill people at a party! At least not without spiking their spiritweb out first."

"fair enough,

how rude of me to assume you wouldn't wait til later to kill people.

oh well, I'll definitely take you up on some cookies, and while I'm at it i'll go get us some drinks"

*leaves and returns with punch bowl and paper cups*

"any body parts found in the punch are entirely not my fault"

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Winter stepped into the common room, foot tapping against the ground anxiously. This would be the first time she would see them in person since It happened. Sure, her Realmatic trick had worked to keep them out of trouble, but they would want to see her. The others had said that it was a bad idea. She might want to leave and Winter knew she had to stay. Winter knew that they were watching her even now. If she tried to leave, they wouldn't let her. And would they even recognize her, with all of the new spikes. Winter almost doubted herself. She Compounded gold the bumps and bruises she'd collected in the last couple of days to boost her confidence.

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