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Interesting link between Writing Excuses' episode, "Writing Men" and Author LordsFire's author note in their story "Brutal Harry"

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Interesting similarity between Author LordsFire portrayals of the actions and behaviors of abused people alongside the Writing Excuses discussion of the differences between the mentalities of wo/men.



That abused people self-isolate, and are very goal oriented.

That males tend to problem solve and fixate rather than discuss the issues they're dealing with.



The connection is likely only coincidental, but mildly disturbing...if interesting.



Writing Excuses, episode 4.9: How to Write Men, with Jessica Day George

Jessica Day George joins us again, this time to tell us how to write men.  Brace yourselves for the bandying-about of generalities, for painting with broad brushes, and for assorted other potential points of offense!

Let’s say, for a moment, that you’re not a man. How do you go about writing men? Now let’s turn the question around… suppose you ARE a man. How do YOU write men? And now let’s cut to the heart of the matter by comparing these two processes. Are they different? Should they be? And where do knitting and superconductivity enter into the picture?

This is why it’s so cool to have Jessica with us Y-chromosome types. We all get to learn stuff.


FanFiction.net's Author LordsFire's story, Brutal Harry

Specifically the author's note at the bottom of chapter 4. (Or 3, depending on whether you count the prologue as a chapter.)

Systematically abused and degraded children do not suddenly turn into well-adjusted members of society when removed from the abusive situation. Nor do they tend to be very trusting of others, or forgiving. Sequel up.

Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Drama - Chapters: 13 - Words: 100,387 - Reviews: 2294 - Favs: 5,736 - Follows: 2,862 - Updated: Sep 17, 2012 - Published: Jun 18, 2011 - Harry P., Hermione G. - Complete
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