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Hi Everyone!


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Hello Everyone,


I am a rather newer fan of Brandon's work and have absolutely loved his Stormlight Archive series so far. Both books have captivated me and I am now looking for direction on where to go from here now that I have joined the official fan site! Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to the Seventeenth Shard! Have an upvote and a cookie!

I would suggest the Mistborn trilogy next, starting with The Final Empire.

Warbreaker (a stand-alone novel) is my personal favorite, but most people agree that you should begin with Mistborn. I would avoid the sub-forums for books you haven't read, and possibly the Cosmere Theories board as well. Unless, of course, you like spoilers.

What's your favorite character so far?

Edit: You might also want to check out the social group and role-playing forums, if you're into that sort of thing.

And again, welcome!

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Welcome! I'll second the staying-out-of-forums-for-books-you-haven't-read.

Stormlight is his best, in my opinion, and everything else is a (small) step down. I also really liked Warbreaker (which you can get free off his website), followed by Elantris. Mistborn is a good read, but quite different from Stormlight (Actually, all his books are pretty different from one another).

Favorite thing about the Stormlight Archive?

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Thanks everyone for the insight. I ordered the complete trilogy of the Mistborn series yesterday from amazon and am excited for them to arrive. Okay my favorite character from the Stormlight series so far! Oh man that is a hard one. I think overall my favorite character has to be Szeth at this point. He is just so interesting and there is so much we do not know about him yet. Words of Radiance was awesome because we got to see more of who he really is and I just am excited to see the direction he ends up taking. My favorite thing about the Stormlight Archive is the world itself. I am an avid reader of fantasy who has read Martin, Erikson, Jordan, Rothfuss and various others but Brandon's for me has been the best. Now I am not an old man (just a college student with too much time on his hands;) and after reading the first two books in The Stormlight Achieve I just came to appreciate the originality of what Brandon created versus what everyone else was doing. All the authors I mentioned above are incredible but Brandon's series I just purely enjoy the most. I also just read his novella The Sixth Of Dusk yesterday and was blown away by that story as well. His Cosmere universe is incredible and I have a lot of catching up to do. Thank you all for asking me questions. That was cool! 

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I would actually go against the group here and recommend Warbreaker before Mistborn. You've noted that your only experience from Brandon so far are his most recent Cosmere works (WoR and Sixth of the Dusk). By that point in his career Brandon had really matured as far as his actual writing goes. I bring this up because Brandon's published works each show different levels of maturity in this capacity. Elantris, being his first published novel, feels like a debut novel due to his writing style. The Mistborn trilogy came next, and you can tell that he has matured. Warbreaker is then another step forward, and with Warbreaker I feel he reached the point he will plateau at as far as technical writing is concerned.


My point is that if you jump to Mistborn, you might feel a little jarred by the difference. It's one of the main reasons my buddy will never read another Sanderson (which nearly made me cry). He wanted to read Mistborn first because it's the well known Sanderson book (I wanted him to read Warbreaker first), but he was coming into it having read Martin and Erikson. He was so jarred by the experience he's refusing to go further. I think the smarter approach would be to ease your way into it by reading Warbreaker first. To further my point that Mistborn's writing is a bit more "juvenile" compared to the names of other authors you listed and the Stormlight Archive, Mistborn just got reprinted as Teen Fantasy.


That all being said, if less experienced writing does not bother you at all, have at it! The order does not matter in terms of the Cosmere story, so you can pick and choose however you like.


Also, since no one here has mentioned it, also consider Elantris. It is slightly harder to find though, as Mistborn is Brandon's well known story, Warbreaker is available for free on his website, and SA is currently being published. If you're using Amazon though, it should be no problem.

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