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Cosmere "Side Series/Story" you are most excited for?


Cosmere Side Series/Story you are most excited for?  

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  1. 1. Which Cosmere story outside the "Big Three" (Mist, SA and DS) are you most excited for?

    • Elantris Sequels
    • Nightblood
    • White Sand
    • Dark One
    • The Silence Divine
    • Skyward (If it still exists)
    • Other (The two unamed series he mentioned in the State)

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So, I realize side series/story might not be the best name for this sense they all probably play an important part in some capacity overall even if it's just behind the scenes.


But what I mean is that Brandon has never been shy in saying that the "Main Sequence" of the Cosmere constitutes  Mistborn, The Stormlight Archive and Dragonsteel. There his Babies, the Big Three, the Headliners, the Golden Trio, the Three Amigos, the Breadwinners, the reason you probably bought the tickets.


They alone will consist of up to AT LEAST 26 books between the three. (13 Mist, 10 SA and 3-5 DS) and make up the majority of the Cosmere's overall content. Sense there the most important also, they are the one's we can be most assured to get and the one's who will receive the most attention to overall.


So what I'm asking is what are you most looking forward to among the rest, outside the Big Three and why? Who among there smaller cousins are you most excited for?


Me personally?


Elantris Sequels: I am mostly looking forward to learning more about Wyrn and maybe what happened to Dominion and Devotion.


Nightblood: Might be what I'm most excited for overall. Can't wait to see more of Vasher, Vivi and Nightblood and also maybe what happened to separate them.


White Sand: Probably what I'm most excited for right now, if only because we know it's coming out relatively soon in either this year or next and it'll be the first new major Shard world opened to us sense we came to Roshar in 2010.


Dark One: The concept sounds super interesting as does the world and Brandon's YA so far has been just top notch.


The Silence Divine: It's on the lower end of the list but that could easily change when I read it like it did with Emperor's Soul


Skyward: I just don't know enough about it to really get excited yet. (Or if it even still exists)


Also really curious about the two unnamed one's but that's a long way off. Anyway, What about you guys?

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I am also most excited for Nightblood, maybe we will see how Vasher and Nightblood ended up separated on Roshar. Or maybe one of the stories that isn't out yet, probably Dark one since the concept sounds very interesting. 

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Nightblood. Noightblood all the way. Awakening and BioChromatic Breath are by far the most interesting magic system in the Cosmere, to me, and so getting further information about them is something I need in life. After that it's the Elantris sequels. Both of those, Nightblood and Elantris sequels, should pull some of the Spiritual Realm curtain back, and so I am excited from a Realmatic point as well.


Honestly, even though I like Wax and Wayne, way more than the original Mistborn trilogy, I'm sad it is getting preferential treatment (though I understand Stormlight's treatment) because Allomancy and Feruchemy offer next to no insight into topics we don't already understand pretty well. With each update from Sanderson, Nightblood and the Elantris sequels seem further and further away, as his brilliant mind comes up with more and more ideas he wants to write (I'm looking at you Reckoners). That is, of course, not to say I don't enjoy all his work, I just wish his prioritization were a little different. Oh well.


As a side note, I feel like I'm in a First World Problems meme. "My favorite author, who publishes multiple top notch novels a year, isn't publishing the ones I want him to."

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While Peter said that the Alloy books should be considered main Cosmere books, I don't think he meant in the same sense as the large sequence.  They're just more like the warbreaker or elantris series.  In fact, if we're going really main I think it's only the final mistborn trilogy that counts.

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Dark One at least, will probably be getting (relatively) soon. After Calamity and SA 3 It's likely that Brandon is going to work on The Aztlanian next in late 2016 early 2017. Then probably the last Wax and Wayne and SA 4. After that, probably Dark One in the gap between SA 4 and 5. Still a long way off, but likely before Nightblood and the Elantris sequels. Which is both awesome, and sucks.

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I've been waiting for the Elantris sequels for years! I was very excited when I found out that they would eventually be made. Besides that W'nW books and Dark One. Oh and Nightblood too. Also Can't forget about Perfect State. And the Azlatianintnininini and Calamity and I need to get a new book series to read before I explode.

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