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Hi. I'm new here, as you can tell. I was in 9th grade when I started reading Brandon Sanderson's books so I'm quite young compared to a lot of people on this site.. My dad had been getting me to read the Wheel of Time series but then told me to read some of Brandon's books (which I enjoyed far more than Robert Jordan's writing). I've read the mistborn series (including alloy of law),elantris, warbreaker,way of kings, and words of radiance. I actually become so obsessed with way of kings that in my dreams I was trying to figure out why the parshendi killed gavilar. I read words of radiance (the hardback version) in a little over 2 days because I loved it so much and I'm quite proud of that since I'm always trying to break my own records of how fast I can read large books. So yeah, that's me. :P

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