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Alethi Font and Transliterator Re-launch


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Just a quick question. I only just found this, and quickly downloaded it. But there seems to be an issue with the script. The top of the script keeps cutting off. I've tried changing spacing (between lines), and font size, but it made no difference. I am using a Windows 8, with a Microsoft Office 2013 program. Any ideas?

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Just found this and a bit late to the game but I'm a total noob with programming (I do great with fixing Hardware problems but I have buddies to help with anything beyond general software issues). I tried following Turos's Guide for setting up the Transliterator with a batch file and all I get is a prompt window that opens for a fraction of a second and then closes faster than I can read any of the words. Some help or pointers on what I botched would be helpful. All I did for renaming the actual .txt file was open it from my download folder with notepad++ and save it to my desktop as a .java file of the same name so I don't think that's the issue- here' the code I have for the batch file:

cd C:\Users\Isa\Desktop
set path=%path%;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_60\bin
java AlethiTransliterator_1_9_5_2

Edit: Yes I realize I'm dabbling in necromancy posting here, I haven't found a more recent version of the thread and really hope the project hasn't been abandoned.
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